Connections between Intellectual Heritage, Architecture and the Fine Arts


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Islam and the Koran


Mohamed Zakariya, Music for the Eyes.  An Introduction to Islamic and Ottoman Calligraphy.  Copy of chapter.


Image of Paradise in Islamic Art Works.  One pagehandout, PMA


Luly Feliciano.  Illuminated Koran. One pagehandout, PMA


Heather Grossman. Ceramic Tile Mosaic Panels. One pagehandout, PMA


Christiane Gruber, “Admiral” Heraldic Carpet.   One page handout, PMA.


Anna Sloan. [Persian] Inkwell. One page handout, PMA.


Charles Grant Ellis. Oreiental Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1988).  #67: “Admiral” Heraldic Carpet.


Louise W. Mackie. “Native and Foreign Influences in Carpets woven in Spain dring the 15th Century.”  Hali 2.2 (summer, 1979) 88-95.


Richard Isaacson.  “The Admiral and the Wild Man.”  Hali  (1998) 78-83.




Rogier van der Weyden


Caterina Furlan and Italo Zannier, edd.  Il Duomo di Spilimbergo 1284-1984.  280-283 (brief article arguing that this work was used as an organ cover).


John G. Johnson Collection. Catalogue of Flemish and Dutch Paintings (Philadelphia, 1972).  94-95 on background of this work.


Asya Haikin.  Crucifixion, with the Mourning Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist. One page handout, PMA.


Otto von Simson.  “Compassio and Co-Redemptio in Roger van der Weyden’s Descent from the CrossArt Bulletin  35.1 (March, 1953) 9-16.






John McCoubrey.  “Parliament on Fire”  Art in America  (December, 1984)


JSB.  The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834. One page handout, PMA.


Modern World




Mark Levitch.  Liberation of the Peon. One page handout, PMA.


Art with a Capital “A”.  Art in the Service of Revolution.  PMA handout with chronology of Mexican revolution.




Marcel Duchamp.  The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even. One pagehandout, PMA


African American Artists


Glenn C. Tomlinson and Rolando Corpus.  A Selection of Works by African American Artists in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Bulletin of the PhiladelphiaMuseum of Art.  90.  383-83 (Winter 1995).  Includes Tanner, Pippin, Lawrence.


Althea Leonard.  Mr. Prejudice [by Horace Pippin]. One page handout, PMA.


Stephen May.  “Horace Pippin’s Art Finds the Grandeur in Unheralded Lives.”  ddddd

Monte Paret.  The End of the War: Starting Home [by Horace Pippin]. One page handout, PMA.